Cinderella: Die Cut Reading
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Cinderella: Die Cut Reading

Cinderella: Die Cut Reading

Obrázková rozprávka pre deti s výrezmi - Popoluška v angličtine
Kód produktu:9788868606688
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Cinderella is a beautiful girl, gentle and kind, and because of this her stepsisters and stepmother envy her. The stepmother, in fact, forces Cinderella to a life of hard work, but nothing is lost! Thanks to the magic touch of her fairy godmother, the beautiful girl will meet the prince…and her every dream will come true!

Cinderella is a beautiful girl, sweet and kind and this is envied by her half-sisters and stepmother! In fact, the latter forces her to a life of hard work ... but nothing is lost! Thanks to the magic touch of the fairy godmother, the beautiful girl will know the Prince and ... "the dream reality, will become". Part of the series "Carved Books" by Sassi Junior, "Cinderella" is signed by Valentina Facci and Matteo Gaule. It is a simple but captivating book, with the most famous children's fairy tale in the center, a great classic of childhood narrative re-interpreted with a totally innovative graphic. With 6 laser-decorated and printed pages, reading will be even more compelling! This 32-page book will really appeal to everyone. Suitable from 5 years, it is also excellent as a gift idea. Why we like it: Sassi Junior is the first publisher of children books focused on ecology: all their books are printed with eco-friendly inks and on recycled or FSC-certified paper. All their books, puzzles and games feature colourful illustrations of quirky worlds, unusual stories and educational subjects. Their items are designed to help children develop fine motor skills and unleash their creativity. Education and fun at once! Also great as a gift idea!

AUTOR: Valentina Facci, Matteo Gaule


VÄZBA: pevná s výrezmi

ROZMERY: 225 x 275 mm

JAZYK: anglický

ISBN: 9788868606688


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